czwartek, 16 czerwca 2011

La Teoría de Gaia

A brilliant band from Chile, who plays alternative rock n metal, from city
Valparaíso, totally captivated me! Their incredible, spontaneous energy, a little different than all bands, charismatic vocals, brilliant guitar n percussion inserts complementary. The song titled Mundo Irreal reminds me a little Polish roots n similar musical scene, from my home town of Glogau. Guys have a good potential n let him have opportunity to use as long as it leaves them very well!  
BTW I'm not a supporter of bands, who write texts in other languages​​, except English, but still I was broke n I'll experiment further ;)

I recommend listening to the EP, which r called Elementos n Re Evoluciones.
I look forward to more stuff ;)

2 komentarze:

  1. FUCK YEAH! :D
    a lot of thanks for the words...
    hugs from chile
    Teoria de gaia :)

  2. No problem guys, u create awesome sound!
    BTW maybe I'd opportunity to hear U live in Chile :) who knows!