poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2011

We love Wroclove

Było grubo <3
Gossip girls (In Breslau).
Dwa dni zamieniły się w cztery. Rum, cola, cytrynka, 
fajeczki, ploteczki, chore banie, drgające księżyce, etc., etc.
Uwielbiam po prostu!

Tęsknie, tęsknię, tęsknię!


poniedziałek, 8 sierpnia 2011

Return from another world

Photos aren't great quality, but gives advice. I came back from Woodstock, it was amazing. I expected a greater frenzy during concert The Prodigy, but it wasn't so bad. I lost my voice, I have dust in the lungs, everything hurts, but it was worth it. Skindred concert knocked me on the shoulder, frontman has charisma, it was brilliant. Kontrust also gave audience a hard time, bc among other reasons bc I lost my voice :P Haha, everything was great, these 4 days, the most beautiful 4 days throughout the year, I love it! <3

Waiting for the next <3
I don't trash a terrible, terrible isn't dust me, I love this atmosphere, which lasted only a few days.

At this song almost wouldn't have died. More than half a million people <3 double record!